Sheol – Jason Brant

May 27, 2013 Authors, Books Reviewed, Genre, Jason Brant, Post Apocalypse / Dystopian, Sheol 2 ★★★★★

Sheol by Jason Brant
Series: West of Hell #3
on November 23, 2012
Genres: Post Apocalypse
Pages: 306
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After escaping the decimated town of Gehenna and the mighty Tartarus river, Karen finds herself trapped in a prison in the city of Sheol. Knowing that an army of the dead is marching across the desert behind her, Karen must find a way to escape the sadistic Evans, and rally the citizens of Sheol for one last stand against an enemy of biblical proportions.

After McCall was seemingly overrun by the zombies on their way to Sheol, Karen and the child she and McCall rescued from the train, made their way to Sheol on their own. On arriving in town she was arrested by the sheriff of the town and thrown into jail. I won’t go into detail, but McCall, who Karen though was dead, arrived to save her from the gallows, and they, together with some of the town’s citizens tried to take a stand against the approaching zombie hordes. They eventually had to flee, once again, and try and make their way into the mountains.

Throughout the series something nagged at me – it felt as if I was missing something. That ‘something’ came together at the end of Sheol when the clues left throughout the three books made sense.

This was a great conclusion the West of Hell trilogy.

As can be expected – expect the unexpected from Jason Brant – he delivers A truly great read ….. makes you think.


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